Ferrari SF90 - Sebastian Vettel - 1:18 Scale

  • Created by Amalgam recognized globally as makers of the finest hand-made large-scale models
  • Unique work in its attention to detail and level of accuracy, precision and excellence
  • 1:18 scale model replica (approx. 25 cm | 10 inches in length) supplied in a luxury black box with protective outer carrying sleeve
  • Model mounted on a polished black acrylic base protected by a clear acrylic dust cover
  • Model title and original branding displayed on a polished stainless-steel plaque at the front end of the base
  • Booklet containing the certificate of authenticity along with information and collateral material about the car
  • Global shipping from Europe, delivered in special protective packaging
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Scuderia Ferrari’s contender for the 2019 Formula One World Championship, the Ferrari SF90 is named to celebrate the marque’s 90th anniversary. Driven by four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel and his new teammate for 2019, Charles Leclerc, the SF90 is the sixty fifth single-seater to be built by Ferrari to compete in the Formula One World Championship and the sixth built for the hybrid era. Vettel, famous for giving his cars female names, named his car ‘Lina’.

The SF90 is powered by a 1600cc V6 engine that produces over 1000 horsepower to shift its 743kg weight. To cater for the 2019 season regulations, Ferrari produced a rather radical front wing design, that tapered downwards from the middle towards the endplates of the wing, which was designed to encourage the majority of the air flow to be felt on the middle of the wing and flow within the front tyres, making the car more predictable with its downforce levels but give less downforce overall.

After an impressive pre-season testing programme, in which the car showed very strong outright pace, the car attempted to take the fight to the ever-dominant Mercedes and would probably have been even more successful but for driver errors, team mistakes and a few reliability issues. The SF90’s engine was the star, considered by most to be the best engine of the grid, enabling Ferrari to take nine pole positions throughout the season. Leclerc took seven of them, outshining veteran teammate Vettel. In fact, come the end of the season, Leclerc took fourth in the Drivers’ Championship, 24 points ahead of his much more experienced colleague. Leclerc was the standout star of Ferrari’s season, immediately looking the part, and, without some of Ferrari mishaps and a few errors himself, he may well have even been in championship contention.

The SF90’s best period of the season came at the Belgium, Italian and Singapore Grand Prix, where Ferrari took all three of their victories in a row. The high-speed nature of these circuits meant they were natural hunting grounds for the SF90 and its powerful engine and so it proved, as Leclerc took his maiden win at Spa before delivering victory in front of a jubilant Tifosi at Monza. Vettel took his only win of the season in Singapore after lining up alongside Leclerc on the front row of the grid.

Though both drivers only failed to make the podium at four races during the course of the season, the SF90 only scored a double podium on three occasions and this lack of consistency hurt Ferrari’s title challenge. The SF90 holds qualifying records in Bahrain (LEC), Canada (VET), Austria (LEC) and Japan (VET) and race records at the Azerbaijani (LEC), French (VET) and US (LEC) Grand Prix (statistics correct as of the end of the 2019 season). In total, the SF90 powered Ferrari to second in the Constructors’ Championship, earning three wins, sixteen further podiums, nine pole positions, six fastest laps and 288 points.

This fine 1:18 scale model of Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari SF90 has been handcrafted and finished in the workshops of Amalgam Collection using detailed colour and material specifications, and original CAD data supplied directly from the drawing office of Ferrari. Furthermore, it has undergone detailed scrutiny by both engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

Scale guide

Amalgam Collection occupies a unique place in the history of fine car models, fashioning unrivaled examples of the world’s most iconic and luxurious cars at scale.

At Amalgam Collection, models are created at a range of scales, with the primary focus on 1:18 and 1:8 models. This scale represents the ratio between the size of a model and its full-size counterpart. Put simply, the bigger the number to the right of the colon, the smaller the model car. The 1:18 scale models are approximately 25 centimeters (10 inches) in length.

How it's done

All Amalgam models beautifully and precisely capture the entirety of the original, and are impossible to discern from a real car in photographs. To create these perfect scale replicas of modern cars, CAD design, 3D printing, and CNC machining are combined with traditional machining and hand working techniques to create the most accurate and faithfully detailed models.

With regards to classics, digital scans of the original cars and around 1000 reference photographs are used to capture the precise shape and proportions of every part of the car including the chassis, engine and drivetrain. It can take over 4000 hours to develop a 1:8 scale prototype, and each subsequent model takes between 250 and 450 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and build.

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