Formula 1® - Decades - Deluxe Vintage Box Collection - Bundle | Collector's Editions

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Special embossed layer


Unique production in


  • Created in collaboration with Formula 1® and 7 featured manufacturers
  • Exclusively limited to under 70 uniquely numbered boxes, hand-crafted
  • Key individuals from FIA, Formula 1 and all current Team Principals to receive this Vintage Box
  • Both posters feature hot-foil gold embossing
  • Specially designed to mark the 70th Anniversary of the first F1® race held in 1950
  • Uses the latest 3D modelling technology to design the poster
  • Box contains a 1950s-inspired screwdriver, openable screws and a set of 8 standard sized posters (50 x 70 cm or 19¾ x 27½ inches)
  • Names of all Formula One World Drivers’ Champion title winners from 1950 till 2019 featured on wrapping paper
  • Reproduced as a high quality offset print on 175g/m2 paper
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Formula 1® - Decades - Deluxe Vintage Box Collection - Bundle | Collector's Editions



Once the box is closed and locked, the serial number of the posters along with the recipient’s name will be engraved on a chassis-inspired plaque, officially celebrating the 70th Anniversary of F1 racing. Automobilist endeavours to hand-deliver each of these, but the limitations of a challenging year notwithstanding, strives to ensure each delivery experience is seamless, par-excellence.


Our expertise in CGI and 3D modelling means we can recreate and digitalize any moment from history. We spend many hours researching to be as accurate as possible, perfecting every single detail imaginable. With this, we’re able to use our highly detailed models to create animations, social media content, behind the scenes documentaries, and more – taking them beyond just being a piece of artwork.

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