When Sex Was Safe (And Motor Racing Bloody Dangerous) | Coffee Table Book by Automobilist

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  • Coffee Table Book brought to you by Automobilist
  • Created to celebrate our Fine Art Prints - world unique recreations of defining moments in motorsport history
  • Indulge in looking behind the scenes of how we create these 3D artworks
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When Sex Was Safe (And Motor Racing Bloody Dangerous) | Coffee Table Book by Automobilist

2 095Kč


Welcome to Automobilist! To Hollywood in a single image. Where the journey of an entire film can be experienced as you peruse the pages of this book.

It takes 200 hours of research to find the perfect motorsport moment. Another 4000 hours of design and development across several months to model and create the perfect car, correctly re-created down to the last nut, bolt, scratch and coat of paint. And the right partners who passionately support their vision.

Situated in the heart of Europe, with the Elbe and Isar flowing gently alongside their offices and design studios, Automobilist develops artworks in officially licensed partnerships within motorsport, its teams, manufacturers and even drivers.

But first and foremost they are a team of artists, creative thinkers, automotive and motorsport aficionados, and perfectionists ready to tell a motorsport story through powerful imagery.

Triple World Champion Sir Jackie Stewart once famously said that the motor racing in his day and before was a time when sex was safe and motor racing was dangerous. Welcome to a journey through that time, re-creating history where often one look captures the emotion and timelessness of a thousand words.


Our expertise in CGI and 3D modelling means we can recreate and digitalize any moment from history. We spend many hours researching to be as accurate as possible, perfecting every single detail imaginable. With this, we’re able to use our highly detailed models to create animations, social media content, behind the scenes documentaries, and more – taking them beyond just being a piece of artwork.

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