Automobilist x Oracle Red bull Racing

Art Edition

Feat. Longiy

Our artistic efforts have yet to find their boundaries. We have teamed up with Oracle Red Bull Racing for the first drop of our newest extremely limited designs - introducing the first iteration of our Art Edition prints.


Art prints only


70 x 100 cm format


In his RB18 F1 car


The creative process of our Art Edition started as usual in our Automobilist office, creating a detailed 3D model of Max Verstappen’s RB18, but this time, we wanted to add a bit more ‘Art’ into it. Therefore, we have decided to invite a fellow artist transforming the project into a three-sided collaboration.

Oracle Red Bull Racing

Following the record-breaking season of 2022, the project is an ode to Oracle Red Bull Racing's successful year. Brought to life inside the MK-7 facility at Oracle Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes HQ, it is the perfect homage to the golden partnership between Max Verstappen and the RB18.


With a background in 3D modelling and his passion for the automotive industry, Longiy's artistic vision perfectly matches our common interests. Each of the 25 artworks had been hand-finished with spray paint, sharpies, and unique stencils to elevate the depiction of the winning RB18 even further.


Artwork is different


Is owned by Max


At MK-7 by hand

The Artwork

Combining digital and hand-crafting design techniques, the first instalment of our Art Edition series is one of the most complex works we have created so far. The process started in the Automobilist HQ with a 3D model of the RB18. To complement the poster with hand-painted features, the design was specifically constructed to incorporate the artist's vision. Completed at the site of Oracle Red Bull Racing's MK-7 facility, the artwork embodies the perfect artistic synergy between all three parties. 

Making Of

Partnership between Automobilist and Oracle Red Bull Racing is nothing new. Following our previous cooperative artworks and designs, we have wanted to elevate the collaborative efforts even further. Therefore, choosing the perfect partner for creating our first Art Edition was an easy task. Finishing the artwork at the site of the Milton Keynes HQ, we have been finally able to work hand-in-hand and face-to-face with creative and like-minded people. Find out more in the interview with Oracle Red Bull Racing's Head of Brand Design Greg Auchterlonie below:



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