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Meet some of the amazing people who have taken Automobilist to their hearts and displayed our artwork in their homes and garages across the globe.

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Piggyback: The Porsche trio at Le Mans, 1971

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Piggyback: The Porsche trio at Le Mans, 1971

The Story Behind | 03.07.2020

The “Pink Pig” Porsche made the headlines during the 1971 Le Mans 24 Hours race for all the wrong reasons: it was an ugly looking version of the Zuffenhausen marque’s all-conquering 917. Its pink livery, with the design seen on posters in butchers’ shops to show you the names of the various cuts of meats, was definitely tongue in cheek and, to cap it all, it crashed out of the race to retire during the night, with no brakes.

Maybe that’s why you can only see the number 23 car, driven by Reinhold Joest and Willi Kauhsen in the background of the Automobilist poster commemorating the 1971 edition of the world’s most famous endurance race!