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Rabab Tantawy Interview

Rabab Tantawy Interview
For the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, McLaren racing and their partner vuse unveiled a stunning livery designed by uae-based artist Rabab Tantawy as part of the driven by change campaign.

As part of Vuse's ongoing commitment to spotlighting up-and-coming talent, the initiative focuses on supporting artists over the age of 25 who may not have the recognition or representation they deserve. The campaign aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work to a global audience through the world of motorsport. That is where Rabab steps in.

Inspired by her passion for art and representing togetherness, Tantawy's artwork was created in collaboration with automotive media designer Davide Virdis. The striking design, which features her distinctive Nubian Series blended with McLaren's iconic papaya colour scheme, was featured on the team's MCL35M race cars throughout the entire Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race weekend. This marked the first time a female artist from the Middle East has designed a bespoke Formula 1 livery, making it a truly historic moment.

Rabab Tantawy Interview | McLaren x Vuse | Automobilist. Video Courtesy Automobilist YouTube Channel

But there is more to the collaboration than meets the eye at the first sight. Not only is there an intricate process of creating the entire project, but there is also an interesting story behind the artist's inspiration and technique. Talking about her art history and direction, what it is to be a woman artist as well as a behind-the-scenes look into the collaboration, you can watch an in-depth interview with Rabab and learn more.

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