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The Pink Hour

Porsche 917/20 - 24 Hours Of Le Mans - 1971

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3D artwork

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What you see is not a photograph. It is a 3D artwork featuring authentic renderings, all designed and built in 3D from scratch. This is how we capture and recreate moments from modern and historic motorsport in an artwork like never seen before.



Recreating moments from modern and historic motorsport, Automobilist is highly recognised for their sophisticated 3D artwork.

Story behind

The Pink Porsche 917/20

Our Fine Art Print depicts the famed Porsche fleeing its pursuers on the brink of dusk right before the night sets in. The warm tones of the setting sun complete the feeling of the 1971 Le Mans race, all the while highlighting the bold pink livery with a red butcher's diagram. In the background, the legendary Dunlop Bridge stands tall, an iconic landmark of the Circuit de la Sarthe. The angle not only showcases the dynamics of speed but also complements the 917/20’s bodywork curves, revealing its elegance and unique features.


The Final Artwork

Available in three sizes


Build Your Own

The Pink Hour - Porsche 917/20 - 24 Hours Of Le Mans - 1971

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Select size: 50 x 24 cm (19 ⅝ x 9 ⅖ in) | Edition of 300

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Product description

Automobilist x Porsche

For a car that only raced once in its audacious pink livery fifty-one years ago, the 'Pink Pig' occupies a unique niche in the history of Porsche. Sporting an extraordinary look decorated with dotted lines mimicking a butcher’s chart, the bold colour scheme was to work as a distraction for Porsche's aerodynamic secrets.


3D modelling and CGI compositing


High-quality offset print


Premium heavyweight 175 g/m2 paper

Paper finish

Matte, textured paper

How it's done

The Magic Behind

We design each print using a world-unique combination of 3D renderings and CGI technology allowing us to re-create each car to precise coats of paint and scratches with a level of detail never seen before.



We are a team of artists, creative thinkers, solution finders, automotive and motorsport aficionados, and perfectionists dedicated to design anything automotive. Creating premium 3D artwork for automotive enthusiasts around the world since 2012.